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1Objective of the project:

The project will enable people with intellectual difficulties join on an equal footing the cultural celebrations during the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council. Actual experiences will be transformed into an accessible publication, unique to Bulgaria, which will allow many people with intellectual difficulties and resource-aided students broaden their access to art and culture.

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EU flag Erasmus vect POSThe project is aimed at improving the quality of training in occupational and social skills for independent life of adults with intellectual difficulties at the Worlds Day Care Centre.

The target audience of the project will be the full-time employees and collaborators of the Day Care Centre. The participants will also take part in three working visits for exchanging experiences with partners having long-established practices in supporting people with intellectual difficulties in Ireland, Romania and Norway or France.

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IMG 3398Objective of the project:

The project involves persons with intellectual disabilities and young artists interested in promoting social inclusion in the cultural field. The two groups will be introduced to each other and will be involved in collaborative art making.

The project aims to promote good practices and build a Balkan network of professionals interested in the implementation and further development of the model.

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Gerb Sofia 1Objective of the project: Implement good practices related to the social inclusion and equality of people with intellectual difficulties, and promote Sofia as a city which supports the integration of people with intellectual difficulties. The project will include volunteering placements in support of cultural institutions, projects and initiatives, will help improve the access to culture and the inclusion of people with intellectual difficulties in the cultural life of Sofia, and will foster community initiatives related to culture and social inclusion.

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P1080161Objective of the project:

The project consists of positive advocacy activities carried out in Sofia to promote the ‘National Civilian Initiative 7000’. The Initiative aims to abolish the institute of interdiction and foster the adoption of a Natural Persons and Support Measures Act. The advocacy events will promote the cause for independent and fulfilled life of people with intellectual difficulties by fostering visibility of disabled people and focusing on their abilities.

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20180123 152900Objective of the project:

People with intellectual difficulties form one of the most excluded groups as their access to education, vocational training and employment is extremely difficult. For these people to be successful in the labour market, they need continuing training and support which; however, are not provided by mainstream education and social services systems. The project addresses these needs particularly of young people with intellectual difficulties by offering them opportunities to pursue, in real-life working environments, vocational training and acquire skills for the preparation of, and attendance to, various events. People with intellectual difficulties will benefit from the project by improving both their skills and opportunities of finding salaried jobs in the area of catering services or in the social enterprise of Maria's World Foundation. Giving the young people in this group an opportunity to earn income of their own will help ensure they can have normal lives and become more socially involved.

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20170317 123810 resObjective of the project: The objective of the project is to strengthen the capacity of the Worlds Day Care Centre team by consultations and supervision aimed at improving their skills for individual and group interaction with due regard to our clients' mental functioning and communication specificities.

The team will also receive support in working with the parents and wider families of the clients of the Day Care Centre by means of consultations dedicated to the specific issues of sexuality and independence.

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01 Objective of the project:

Because of their very reticent way of living, people with intellectual difficulties are often unable to benefit from ordinary events and activities at which attendees learn more about foreign cultures and traditions.

The project will organize three thematic events at the Day Care Centre 'Worlds'. These events will introduce various aspects of La Culture Française to people with intellectual difficulties, their loved ones and citizens from the community.

The project will enable people with intellectual difficulties obtain insights of French culture in an accessible way, including by joining events organized by connoisseurs of French culture in the community, thus promoting their integration.

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gerb new 1Objective of the project:

'Movies touch our hearts, and awaken our vision and change the way we see things. They open doors and minds', says Martin Scorsese ('Films Can Help Change the World', the Huffington Post, 2013).

Films and the issues they raise have an impact on society's bearings, drive mindsets and interpretations, and facilitate emotional compassion.

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AHU logo A4 blackObjective of the project:

This project aims to facilitate the access of people with intellectual difficulties to employment opportunities by helping them develop, enhance and apply occupational skills, and by supporting their on-the-job adaptation in a real working environment.

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