1Objective of the project:

The project will enable people with intellectual difficulties join on an equal footing the cultural celebrations during the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council. Actual experiences will be transformed into an accessible publication, unique to Bulgaria, which will allow many people with intellectual difficulties and resource-aided students broaden their access to art and culture.


1. Visit cultural events and accompany people with intellectual difficulties

10 events of various genres will be visited by 35 persons. Volunteers will be engaged to facilitate this activity.

2. Produce an easily understandable publication on the cultural events

The publication will be printed in 400 copies and will be disseminated free of charge to social services in Sofia and across the country, to resource teachers and resource schools.

3. Discussion forum on Equal Participation in Cultural Processes

Participants will share their views and experiences over the project. A dialogue will be invoked on how to provide more opportunities for the inclusion of people with intellectual difficulties in cultural life on an equal basis.

4. Promote the project activities.

Financing organisation: The Culture Programme of Sofia Municipality

Duration of the project: 1 January 2018 to 30 November 2018

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