20170317 123810 resObjective of the project: The objective of the project is to strengthen the capacity of the Worlds Day Care Centre team by consultations and supervision aimed at improving their skills for individual and group interaction with due regard to our clients' mental functioning and communication specificities.

The team will also receive support in working with the parents and wider families of the clients of the Day Care Centre by means of consultations dedicated to the specific issues of sexuality and independence.

The project will develop an easily understandable description of workflows in each atelier at the Centre and of the flagship programmes conducted by the Centre.


1. Consultations and supervision for the Worlds Day Care Centre.
2. Cultural programme for the clients of the Day Care Centre in the framework of the team supervision activity (visits to prominent cultural sites and other entertainments).
3. Development of easily understandable working materials relating to the ateliers and programmes managed by the Day Care Centre.
4. Consultations on the formulation of a policy and a programme related to the intimate relationships of Day Care Centre clients and thematic meetings with parents in the framework of the School for Parents initiative. Financing organisation: BCause Foundation Duration of the project: from January 2017 until December 2017.

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