20180123 152900Objective of the project:

People with intellectual difficulties form one of the most excluded groups as their access to education, vocational training and employment is extremely difficult. For these people to be successful in the labour market, they need continuing training and support which; however, are not provided by mainstream education and social services systems. The project addresses these needs particularly of young people with intellectual difficulties by offering them opportunities to pursue, in real-life working environments, vocational training and acquire skills for the preparation of, and attendance to, various events. People with intellectual difficulties will benefit from the project by improving both their skills and opportunities of finding salaried jobs in the area of catering services or in the social enterprise of Maria's World Foundation. Giving the young people in this group an opportunity to earn income of their own will help ensure they can have normal lives and become more socially involved.


Key outcomes:

1. Train 10–15 young people with intellectual difficulties set up and attend to coffee breaks. Trainees will receive certificates confirming the skills acquired and will receive support in finding paid jobs by MWF's job coaching programme.
2. Establish sustainable relations with the NGO House and with the Social Innovation Hub. Create an on-the-job platform for training in event-attendance skills.
3. Promote the work and abilities of young people with intellectual difficulties in order to address stereotypes and change public attitudes.

Financing organisation: TELUS International Europe

Duration of the project: July 2017–April 2018

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