20190613 153500Project: ‘Creative Laboratory for People with Intellectual Difficulties’

Objective of the project:

The project will set-up a creative laboratory for people with intellectual difficulties at Worlds Day Care Centre. The aim is to foster the clients’ ability to express themselves and develop their creative potential.
The Lab will offer hands-on work sessions in four creative modules (pottery, painting, drama and music) in line with the clients’ interests and preferences as well as visits to art exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events. Actors, social workers and volunteers will be involved in these activities.
The created artworks will be presented at an exhibition.

Main outcomes:

1. Six hands-on sessions in each of the four thematic modules.

2. Involvement of volunteers.

The volunteers will take part in the hands-on sessions and help organise the visits at cultural events. They will support the group leader and will document the process including the results achieved.

3. 10 visits at cultural events related with the themes of the modules. The objective of this activity is to provide insights of the various arts and bring the Day Care Centre clients closer to the cultural life of Sofia.

4. An exhibition – special event for presenting the artworks created in the hands-on sessions.

Financing organisation: TELUS International Europe

Duration of the project: May 2019 – June 2020

EU flag Erasmus vect POSProject ‘Innovative approach to training adults with intellectual difficulties’

The project aims to support implementation of new approaches to ‘learning by doing’ concept for adults with intellectual disabilities through improving their competences for labor and social integration in accordance with the principles of United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and good European practices.
Three mobilities for participation in three structured trainings will be implemented within project activities. The topics of the trainings include emotional intelligence, innovative methods for education, training and quality management in education.

As a result of the trainings a new approach will be identified and implemented to improve the quality management system of the Foundation.
Project participants are specialists involved in social and educational work with persons with intellectual disabilities.
Project activities will be promoted within the activities of the Foundation.

The project will contribute to improvement of support offered towards persons with intellectual disabilities and implementation of innovative approach to their training as well as personal development of the participants, enhancement of their soft skills and multicultural attitudes.

Financing organisation: Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Duration of the project: from 1 September 2019 until 31 August 2020

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