gerb new 1Objective of the project:

'Movies touch our hearts, and awaken our vision and change the way we see things. They open doors and minds', says Martin Scorsese ('Films Can Help Change the World', the Huffington Post, 2013).

Films and the issues they raise have an impact on society's bearings, drive mindsets and interpretations, and facilitate emotional compassion.

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AHU logo A4 blackObjective of the project:

This project aims to facilitate the access of people with intellectual difficulties to employment opportunities by helping them develop, enhance and apply occupational skills, and by supporting their on-the-job adaptation in a real working environment.

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20160514 115345Project goal:

The project is geared towards young people with mild to moderate mental retardation and provides an opportunity for training aimed at the development of work and social skills through participation in work practices in a real-life working environment.


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IMG 7846Project goal:

The project will ensure the active inclusion of people with intellectual difficulties in activities enabling them to improve their familiarity with the capital city, its cultural and historical monuments and places of interest, and acquire a taste and appreciation for cultural experiences and taking part in cultural events. Their impressions will be used as a basis for developing the first 'easy to understand' presentation of Sofia (a specialist edition for people with intellectual difficulties, children with learning difficulties and people with dementia). The project will enable people with intellectual difficulties to give free reign to and develop their abilities for expression and social participation.

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IMG 20161112 133039Objective of the project:

It is highly important for people with intellectual difficulties to engage in sports, gymnastic and physical activities as these help maintain their overall condition and keep them in cheerful mood and willing to work.
The objective of this project is to incite interest and involvement in sport exercises, and improve physical activities by making sports available to clients of the Worlds Day Care Centre.

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IMG 0381Project objectives:

The project will implement good European practices for the social inclusion of people with intellectual difficulties by encouraging proactive public and community approaches to the implementation of municipal policies in respect to disabled people.
The project activities are designed to promote the skills and capabilities of people with intellectual difficulties, involve them in initiatives of public interest hand in hand with other citizens and encourage their active engagement with public structures and activities.

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