Нашите истории


Being one of the first clients of the Daycare Centre, Ani eagerly expects the days in which she comes to us and sees her friends.

She works at the Art Atelier where she crafts thematic souvenirs. Here favourite material is clay which she shapes into beautiful ornaments. 

Several years ago, together with her mother, Ani decided to put a disused corner of their backyard to good use and convert it into a cattery for the strays in their neighbourhood. Ani loves animals and takes care of stray cats. Although with a touch of sadness, she is always happy when a four-legged friend of hers finds a new loving home. 

Ani dreams of becoming more independent and improving her city navigation skills as she is wheelchair-bound. She would like to be able to visit any theatre or cinema, only this would require installing ramps to enable the access of others like her.



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