The cause of Maria’s World needs support and commitment. By telling your relatives and close friends about us, sharing information on social media via your blog or over a cup of coffee, you help us reach more people, turning them into friends and supporters of our cause to provide opportunities for a better life for people with intellectual difficulties. Be an Ambassador of the Foundation, supporting our work and creating positive attitudes to people with intellectual difficulties.

Order a unique product made at the Worlds Day Care Centre

When contemplating your next company event or special occasion, don’t forget that the clients of the Worlds Day Care Centre can made unique souvenirs, decorative items or small gifts. Themed articles inspired by different holidays—Baba Martha, Christmas, Easter, St Valentine’s Day—are also made at the Centre. Buying from us, you support the development of new programmes. Each small gift is hand-crafted with a lot of love and care and can be personalised, depending on your preferences. For more information and to place an order, you can browse the product catalogue of the Worlds Art Atelier at your leisure.

Get your catering from the Sheltered Café at the Worlds Day Care Centre

Bon Appétit catering from Maria’s World – a social service for people with disabilities – turned out to be a preferred catering service for numerous companies, organizations and individuals.

Bon Appétit from Maria’s World provides catering services in formats tailored to various events such as workshops, business breakfasts, lunches or dinners, coffee breaks, receptions or corporate parties.

Entrust your catering to the professional kitchen of the Sheltered Café and give the young people with intellectual difficulties an opportunity not only to prepare the meals of your choice, but also help serve your guests and demonstrate the acquired labour and social skills in a real working environment.

Get the most from our professional catering services and competitive prices. The food is prepared and served by clients of the Day Care Centre.

Revenues from catering services are invested in vocational (culinary) training of people with intellectual difficulties and in supporting them to find employment in the open labour market.

For further details please send us a request for quote to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at +359 882 663 665.

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Organise a corporate event at the room of the Worlds Day Care Centre

Organise your next event, work meeting or workshop at the multipurpose room of the Day Care Centre. We will offer you multimedia and stereo equipment, as well as a room with a capacity to host 80 standing and 30 seated guests, depending on your preferences. For your event, we can offer a coffee break and a light lunch with drinks prepared and served by the clients of the Day Care Centre. By renting our room, you provide an opportunity for young people with intellectual difficulties to communicate and develop their skills and competencies. To arrange the details, you can send us an enquiry for a quote or talk to us on the phone.

By becoming part of our social project you create possibilities for people with intellectual difficulties to acquire key skills in a real-life environment whilst simultaneously increasing the social intelligence and sensitivity to differences of your staff.



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