People become volunteers for a variety of reasons and different motives, but the common denominator often is a desire to help those in need. To be a volunteer, one must really feel a need deep down in their soul.

The main role of volunteers at Maria’s World Foundation is to support the process of delivery of high-quality social services to people with intellectual difficulties.

We believe that being a volunteer provides equal opportunities to personal, creative and professional development, regardless of not generating any financial benefits for the volunteer. It further presents possibilities to expand our existing range of contacts, communicate and share values and help solve specific problems of people with intellectual difficulties, which may lead to productive results in the future.

With us, volunteers have a chance to develop their social skills and become involved with a significant cause, working to promote the idea of active participation of people with intellectual difficulties in mainstream society. It is a chance for young volunteers to acquire valuable informal experience, which develops their professional skills and competencies and helps their future professional career.

Those interested in becoming a volunteer can send a CV and a brief cover letter to the following e-mail: office[at]mariasworld.org



Sofia 1404
8, Riccardo Vaccarini str.
Т: +359 2 423 97 40,
М: 0886 182 201
E: office@mariasworld.org


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