Who can become an intern at the Worlds Day Care Centre?

Internships at the Worlds Day Care Centre are open to all students with strong motivation to acquire professional skills in the area of working with people with intellectual difficulties. Internships take place in the field and involve direct participation in different activities.

Our experience to date shows that traineeships are particularly useful and successful for students studying to become professionals in areas such as psychology, social pedagogy, social work, the arts (painting, applied arts, music and visual arts), and tourism and public administration.
What does an applicant trainee have to do to be included in the traineeship programme at the Day Care Centre?

Individuals who look like to apply for a traineeship at the Day Care Centre must:

1. complete the traineeship application form uploaded (via a link) on the website of the Foundation;
2. enrol as candidate trainee of Maria’s World Foundation on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science under project Student Traineeships implemented under OP Human Resources Development http://praktiki.mon.bg/sp/.

The trainee appointment procedure, following approval of candidates on the basis of submitted documents, includes:

1. Agreeing a date and time for an interview with a representative of the Day Care Centre, which takes place on the premises;

2. Following the approval of an application and given mutual interest, the days on which the trainee will visit the Centre, the method for reporting hours worked and the type of activities in which the trainee will participate are agreed;

3. The team will appoint a mentor to oversee and guide the work of the trainee in the respective area of professional interest and the main area of work agreed.

What type of professional skills can be acquired during the traineeship?

The Worlds Dy Care Centre offers possibilities for direct interaction and work with people with intellectual difficulties in several areas:

  • Gaining a professional understanding and skills for work with people with mild to moderate intellectual difficulties to boost the acquisition of work and social skills in the work ateliers and the kitchen of the Centre;
  • Gaining a professional understanding and skills to work with people with mild to moderate intellectual difficulties to boost the acquisition of skills for an independent life at the work ateliers and kitchen of the Centre;
  • Compiling psychological profiles of the applicant clients of the Day Care Centre.

Feedback from trainees who have completed the traineeship programme at the Worlds Day Care Centre

During the last year the Day Care Centre has provided traineeship positions to 11 students from different higher education institutions throughout Bulgaria. Some of them remain involved in the work of the Centre as volunteers.

Our interns:

Gergana Tabakova, 5th year student of Painting at the National Academy of Art

Tsveta Stoeva, 5th year student of Clinical and Consultative Psychology at Sofia University Saint Clement Ohridsky

Rusko Kumovski, 2nd year student of Social Pedagogics at Plovdiv University Payisiy Hilendarski

‘Great people, amazing conditions, an incredible environment — this is the Centre in a nutshell. You bet the place is just as great as it sounds. Indeed, it is so great that at the beginning I wondered whether I was well suited to it, the reason being that I am a student of Social Pedagogics and was really looking for a traineeship that will give me experience in interacting with real people in real-life situations. And we all know that reality can be harrowing — most establishments are far below the standard of comfort and harmony at the Day Care Centre. Over time, I gradually realised that although I was—at least in theory—well versed in the nature of social work, I was unprepared for field work and that the harsh conditions would probably crush me. Furthermore, a tranquil environment allows us—trainees—to relax and unfold our full potential and, even more importantly, it allows clients to do so, making s realise that it is not insignificant and that they also have their talents and abilities, which often remain hidden and unappreciated. I am extremely grateful and happy to be here, with these people, and wish everyone else the same luck.’

Hristina Ivanova, 4th year student of Social Work at Sofia University Saint Clement Ohridsky

‘Each day at the Centre is full of novelty and excitement! We will discuss the previous day’s World Football Championship game over a cup of coffee and divide the tasks for the day! Since I started coming to the Centre I have learned to appreciate small things—a pretty bracelet, a smile and a hug. They have taught me to be more patient, to think about others more and just be a better person. The traineeship at the Centre has been an enriching experience and made me a better person. Thank you!’

Kalina Dimova, 3rd year student of Psychology at Sofia University Saint Clement Ohridsky

‘The traineeship at Maria’s World Day Care Centre’ was one of the most pleasant and useful things that have ever happened to me. People there are so incredibly positive, well-meaning and invariably making you feel at home that I find it difficult to describe the experience. The team is highly professional to boot, ready to dispense snippets of knowledge to anyone who’d care to learn. They are not unlike a big family, helping each other out in everything. And the most important thing — during the short time spent at the Centre, they made me feel part of that family. I wholeheartedly recommend the traineeships at the Centre!’



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