We are always happy to organise different initiatives at the Day Care Centre to promote our work and enable our clients to find new friends — people who understand and support them. We also support different causes and take part in the art ateliers of partner organisations, helping them promote the ideas we work to make a reality.
We are eager to participate in various exhibitions, campaigns, public events and thematic charity markets.

Open Doors Days

The Open Doors Days- an all-round favourite- are organised several times a year as an opportunity to showcase an ever greater degree of independence and achievements of our clients and show the unique hand-crafted items they make in the ateliers.
On these days we meet and greet our neighbours, families, close friends and partners, as well as representatives of different institutions. Each corner in the Centre is infused with positive emotions, creative enthusiasm and good vibes. Our guests work quietly—as if holding their breath—expertly guided by the clients who are now adept at making hand-crafted soap bars, items of jewellery, paper flowers and many other beautiful objects of art. At the end of the day, each guest leaves with the object they made and at least one new friend amongst our clients with intellectual difficulties, with the belief that good can grow stronger.

Round tables and events

We believe that people with intellectual difficulties have the right to live in the community and freely share their opinions on topics that they are interested in. This is the reason why we periodically organise round tables and discussions on important topics involving partners, stakeholders and representatives of State institutions. We use these forums to promote the interests and rights of people with intellectual difficulties, and facilitate their access to services and social inclusion.

Charity balls

The First Charity Ball of the Foundation, which took place on 28 November 2013, turned into an unforgettable experience for all clients. The beautiful gowns, make-up, styled hairs, exquisite food and great music account for a small part of the excitement that the event brought along. As for many of our clients this was the first ball they had ever attended, preparations were full of thrilling sensations. The excitement of choosing gowns amongst those donated by different companies, the professional manicure, and the advice on how to behave at such events were as memorable as the ball itself.

The Second Charity Ball of the Foundation was on 30 October 2014. The Foundation will use the proceeds to support its new project: Labour Mediation and Assistance for the Employment of People with Intellectual Difficulties. Day Centre clients contributed to the preparations and took active part at the ball itself as they welcomed the guests, helped serve meals and remove the dishes, and facilitated the sale of lottery tickets. Thus they demonstrated the skills acquired at the Day Centre and invited all attendees to the new Sheltered Café located within the Centre. The establishment of the Sheltered Café was the theme of the First Charity Ball.

The Third Charity Ball was held on 22 October 2015. The funds raised will be invested in the sustainable development of our job placement services and in extending the range of work opportunities so that more people with intellectual difficulties are empowered to earn their living. The Fourth Charity Ball was held on 3 November 2016. The funds raised will be invested in co-financing the purchase of professional soap making equipment and soap basic ingredients. Our aim is to expand our soap producing atelier by developing a specialized section where our clients will produce high quality soap for the market.

Our birthday parties

Birthday celebrations are a tradition at the Centre. On this special day, each birthday boy or girl has plenty of ideas about how the celebration should be organised—some prefer karaoke, others modern dances, hip-hop or folk music. We do our best to fulfil every wish so that we can bring joy to the life of each client and make him or her feel special. With a tasty cake, heartfelt wishes and a buoyant mood, we turn each day into a true celebration.

Theme parties

It goes without saying that we love both working and partying. Theme parties are organised at the Centre on a regular basis with assistance from our volunteers, donors and partners. For this year's Christmas party we made cinnamon cookies and exchanged presents. Those that we value the most are the ones that we have made ourselves as they are an expression of our true selves. For Easter we bake lemon zest scented Easter cakes and dye eggs. For Halloween we wear masks and costumes that we make ourselves and have fun to music, tasting many savoury delights. We also treat our neighbours to various sweets and have tonnes of fun! Gallery




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