Gerb Sofia 1Objective of the project: Implement good practices related to the social inclusion and equality of people with intellectual difficulties, and promote Sofia as a city which supports the integration of people with intellectual difficulties. The project will include volunteering placements in support of cultural institutions, projects and initiatives, will help improve the access to culture and the inclusion of people with intellectual difficulties in the cultural life of Sofia, and will foster community initiatives related to culture and social inclusion.


1. Volunteers will be placed to work at Sofia Library and other cultural institutions or organizations, as well as at festivals and cultural events;
2. Souvenirs will be produced to showcase the skills of people with intellectual difficulties;
3. People with intellectual difficulties will join cultural events;
4. The Worlds Day Care Centre will host the Bibliobus as part of an Open Doors Day event;
5. Initiatives aimed at promoting the project will be carried out. 

Duration of the project: 1 January 2018 to 30 September 2018

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Financing organization: Sofia Municipality Programme Europe

The project is implemented with the kind support of Sofia City Library.

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