IMG 1623Project objective:

The project aims to implement one of the world’s best practices for training people with intellectual difficulties and to employ these practices in supporting people in need located in the territory of Sofia Municipality. The project course includes adapting and implementing of training materials provided by the US-based YAI Network for teaching of skills for independent living in people with intellectual difficulties. A programme for training in these skills will be drafted up, validated and made available for use by social workers and resource support professionals.


1. Content selection and translation of the materials provided by the YAI Network.
2. Drafting up and validating of a training programme and training materials.
3. Promoting the programme among resource support professionals and social workers.
4. Managing and promoting the project itself.

Financing organisation: Sofia Municipality through its ‘Social Innovations’ Programme

Duration of the project: from 15 March until 15 November 2019.

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