Плакат СветовеGoal of the project

The goal of the project is to focus public attention on people with intellectual difficulties in Bulgaria by using Swiss experience in work integration through an appropriate information campaign, including a documentary about the work of Swiss social and professional ateliers for people with intellectual difficulties.

The main objectives of the project are aimed at:

  • exchange experience, study and promote the Swiss experience of employment of people with intellectual difficulties, including through filming a documentary;
  • initiate a wide-ranging discussion about people with intellectual difficulties in Bulgaria;
  • raise the awareness of people with intellectual difficulties of the possibilities for gainful employment;
  • inform employers about the possibilities to include people with intellectual difficulties in gainful employment.

Key outputs

The project will focus the attention of Bulgarian society on people with intellectual difficulties as one of the groups at the highest risk in the country. During the course of implementation the attention of the general public will be primarily focused on their abilities and the available opportunities for their meaningful social inclusion and right to work.

The main emphasis of the campaign will be showcasing the Swiss experience of labour market integration of people with intellectual difficulties in social and professional ateliers — a proven model enabling their economic participation.

To this end, a film showcasing the Swiss experience and realities in Bulgaria will be made. It will feature an innovative social service—a Day Care Centre for the acquisition of work skills—a truly unique initiative and leading project of Maria's World Foundation whose main goal is to prepare the clients of the Day Care Centre for the labour market.

Financing organisation
The Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme, Partnership Fund

The duration of the project is from March 2014 until March 2015.



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