umenia-1Goal of the project

The goal of the project is to raise the quality of life of young people with intellectual difficulties who attend the Worlds Day Care Centre.

The project’s main objective is increasing the cognitive, speech and communication skills of the clients of the Day Care Cen5e in order to raise their level of independence and ability to look after themselves depending on their individual capabilities thereby overcoming social exclusion.


Project activities aim to raise the level of independence of clients with intellectual difficulties by improving their skills, such as telling the time and time management; handling money and management of personal and household finances; and successful self-presentation as part of better communication with others. The project also includes art therapy activities aiming to build and reinforce emotional stability in people with intellectual difficulties.

umenia-4Key outcomes

Being able to tell the time and handle money, communication with others and an inability to understand and come to terms with their own emotions are a small part of the challenges people with intellectual difficulties have to live with. They are the main focus of the key outcomes of the project:
1. Improving time telling and management skills. Building an individual daily regime and motivation to keep it up;
2. Familiarity with coins and bank notes and preparing simple personal budgets; planning expenditure and small savings, etc.
3. Improving writing and speaking skills; improving story-telling skills and the ability to participate in discussions, etc.
4. Greater emotional stability; better skills to handle different real-life situations and understanding of own needs and preferences through art therapy.
As a general outcome — achieving a greater degree of autonomy in daily activities by participants with intellectual difficulties.

Financing organisation
Agency for People with Disabilities

The duration of the project is from May 2014 until October 2014.



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