GBO 4549Goal of the project

The goal of the project is to implement European practices aiming to raise the quality of life of people with disabilities and protect their rights through partnership with local government bodies with a view to the development of Sofia as a modern European metropolis.
The project comprises a series of activities that will raise the visibility of people with intellectual difficulties in the community and improve their integration in society.


Activity 1: Project management
Activity 2: Organising outdoor creative events for people with intellectual difficulties
Activity 3: Organising an exhibition of the photographs from the creative activities events
Activity 4: Promoting the best works of art of the participants in the creative activities events
Activity 5: Participation of people with intellectual difficulties in the cultural life of the metropolitan city
Activity 6: Conducting a workshop under the motto 'We are part of the community' with the participation of people with intellectual difficulties, representatives of the social services department of the Metropolitan Municipality and professionals from the spheres of education and culture

Financing organisation: Europe Programme, Metropolitan Municipality

The duration of the project is from April 2015 until September 2015.




Sofia 1404
8, Riccardo Vaccarini str.
Т: +359 2 423 97 40,
М: 0886 182 201
E: office@mariasworld.org

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