4Goal of the project

The project aims to take people with intellectual difficulties out of the enclosed family circles. To this end, the project will offer professional support to intellectually disadvantaged people, facilitate their engagement in the cultural life of communities, and teach them skills on how to organise their spare time. Volunteers will also join the project activities by sharing their interests and spare time with intellectually disadvantaged people at the Worlds Day Care Centre. The final event of the initiative will be a Ball of Friendship for all project stakeholders.


1. Saturday Club for people with intellectual difficulties;
2. Visits to cinemas, concerts and other performances;
3. Setting up a Volunteer Programme for friends of the people with intellectual difficulties;
4. A Spring Ball of Friendship to conclude the initiative. Financing organisation: Raiffeisenbank, Donors
The project is approved for inclusion in Raiffeisenbank's charity initiative Choose to Help 2015.



Sofia 1404
8, Riccardo Vaccarini str.
Т: +359 2 423 97 41,
М: 0886 182 201
E: office@mariasworld.org

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