There is a great variety of creative activities within the programme whose main focus is on making souvenir-type objects of art. Different techniques, materials and implements are used in the process. All materials have a high quality and clients are encouraged to not only perform certain simple actions but achieve quality and artistic value. The programme develops fine motor skills and general social skills and the imagination and creativity of users.

Different themed souvenirs are made on the occasion of various holidays. The applied activities develop basic motor skills, concentration, precision and accuracy of movement, spatial thinking and the perception of form.

Between 5 and 25 participants take part in the programme on a daily basis. The art therapist at the atelier is a trained artist, which ensures a level of professionalism that surpasses that, which is typical for similar establishments. One of the requirements for the work therapist is that they have special training and experience in working with people with intellectual difficulties. The programme participants wear special T-shirts. When using paint, they wear aprons and, if they wish to do so—gloves.


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