The goal of the programme is to build and practise social skills in order to improve the social integration of clients. Within the framework of the programme various activities relating to interaction with people and organisations in the community are implemented.

These include:

  • a daily walk in the area surrounding the Centre for the clients wishing to join it using their morning or afternoon rest period. The aim is to improve their sense of orientation, self-esteem and interaction with other people. The group walks are typically guided by a client who is able to travel to the centre on his/her own;
  • participation in auctions and sales allowing clients to showcase the objects of art made at the centre;
  • volunteering in various other organisations and jointly with volunteers;
  • discussions and reflection on behaviour with a focus on specific situations and behavioural models aiming to develop an understanding of right and wrong, and acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. Discussions are not always 'verbal'; other methods are sometimes used, such as drawing as a way of conveying the feelings of participants in particular situations;
  • activities aiming to develop communication skills, including reading and recounting texts and short stories, learning forms of address and phrases (good wishes), discussion of films, etc.;
  • activities aiming to develop skills such as telling the time and developing time awareness—a specific programme for people with intellectual difficulties aiming to increase their level of independence and sense of orientation;
  • activities aiming to develop money handling skills and understanding the value of money and management of personal budgets (pocket money);

The programme enables the application of acquired skills in real life, where expectations are not linked to an existing difficulty.


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