10649542 497070223741530 8060537293665673603 nOn 23 October the second annual Open Doors Day took place at the Worlds Day Care Centre with financial support from the Metropolitan Municipality under the Europe Programme. We dedicated the day to our clients' parents and close relatives and friends. The event was an opportunity for them to get to know each other, talk to their children and have fun in a tranquil and sheltered environment.

After the end of the official programme during which the members of our team introduced themselves and outlined the simple rules for today's meeting, work continued in a more informal and amiable environment. We drew family coats of arms as the families themselves imagined them. The drawings were hugely varied, colourful and deeply personal—a four-leaf clover, a church bell, a happy family on a road trip and many, many hearts. Our boys and girls depicted themselves and their nearest and dearest with infinite affection and creative imagination

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