On 20 October 2012 MARIA'S WORLD FOUNDATION raised BGN 7,090 at a charitable birthday party at Sofia's Lime Light piano bar. This amount was doubled to BGN 14,181 by one of the founders of the Foundation Mr. Grozdan Karadjov. The generous donation will finance Maria's World Day Care Centre for people with intellectual disabilities.

The fundraising event took place during the celebration dedicated to the birthday of Tsetska Radeva, Executive Director and Founder of MARIA'S WORLD Foundation. The lovely host had earlier invited the guests to show their support for the Foundation by making small donations instead of following the time-honoured tradition of giving presents. Before her close friends Mrs. Radeva spoke about the decision to set up the foundation and shared her deep conviction of the importance of its mission to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities, enable their meaningful integration in society and the expand the possibilities available to them to achieve their full potential.

Mrs. Radeva noted that working for a socially significant cause and pursuing it by investing time and money in it are an intimate endeavour but also an outer expression of a heartfelt conviction and a source of endless personal satisfaction. To make a personal commitment to a worthwhile cause is perhaps the most precious gift each of us can make and to improve the life of a person in need and bring more beauty in it – the greatest reward!

Mrs. Radeva and the team of MARIA'S WORLD Foundation would like to extend their warm gratitude to all who attended the unconventional birthday party and thank them for their generosity and support!




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