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IMG 6463Днешният пленер донесе много радост на Ани, която за първи път рисува на открито заедно с приятелите си от Дневния център.
За съжаление се оказа, че не е никак лесно човек с двигателни увреждания да се придвижи до парка. Въпреки препятствията по пътя, подкрепяна от екипа и останалите клиенти на Дневния център, Ани сбъдна желанието си.

Темата на днешния пленер беше „Църквата в парка", а участниците направиха съпоставка между архитектурата на храма и тази на жилищните сгради наоколо. Това беше и основната идея в работите им.

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IMG 6310На 30.08 (неделя) между 16.00 ч. и 21.30 ч. посетете щанда на фондация „Светът на Мария" на традиционния фестивал за култура и изкуство – София диша, част от Културния календар на Столична община 2015.
Клиентите на Дневен център „Светове" ще представят колекция от ръчно изработени сувенири и картички с отпечатани картини, нарисувани от хора с интелектуални затруднения.

Нашият щанд ще бъде на ъгъла на ул. "Асен Златаров" и ул. "Оборище" (пред пощата).

Очакваме ви!

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IMG 20150823 191720На традиционният фестивал за култура и изкуство – София диша, част от Културния календар на Столична община 2015, клиентите на Дневен център "Светове" представиха колекция на ръчно изработени от тях сувенири.

Ани, Ива, Саня, Надя и Събина с ентусиазъм посрещаха многобройните посетители на щанда на фондация "Светът на Мария" и подариха на всички картичка с отпечатани картини, нарисувани от хора с интелектуални затруднения.


mwf logoWatch the BNT2 video 'Let us paint a dream' at http://bnt.bg/bnt2-regionalni/bnt2-sofiya/da-narisuvame-mechta 

IMG 20150807 110751All clients of the Worlds Day Care Centre traditionally look forward to Friday mornings when they combine a walk in the park with their favourite pastime- drawing in the open.
Today the theme they focused on was the Monument with the Birds in Sofia's South Park. The plein air was filmed by a crew of the TV channel BNT2, with the journalist interviewing our clients about their beloved hobby and how it enriches their lives. Details of the video are to be posted shortly!

DSC 0408Today, Ms. Yordanka Fandakova, Mayor of Sofia, received the Special Olympics athletes from Sofia and awarded them with the badge of distinction of Sofia. Iliana, from the Worlds Day Care Centre, won three medals in horse riding at the Summer Games for People with Disabilities in Los Angeles. She also attended the ceremony and had her picture taken with the Mayor.

11800258 1608633816084689 9156233202042965589 nOur girl, Iliana, has returned with one silver and two bronze medals in horse-riding from the World Summer Games for people with disabilities in Los Angeles! Iliana is a member of the Bulgarian Special Olympics team. Congratulations!

IMG 3165The clients of the Day Care Centre visited Sofia’s Archeological Museum along with the friends from the Annunciation Centre of the Caritas Foundation. Some were impressed by the antique sculptures and columns and others by the exquisite rings, bracelets and decorations from the distant past.

The visit was organised on the occasion of the Silver visiting exhibition from the Louvre. The Boscoreale Treasure was on display at the museum at the time. The visit was organised in the framework of project ‘We are part of the community’, financed by the Metropolitan Municipality under the 2015 Europe Programme.  

11825070 10205972916854775 3770944170728007455 nToday, the Worlds Day Care Centre handled the catering, including crunchy, home-made cookies and pastries, for the cocktail party organised on the occasion of the national holiday of the Swiss Confederation. Heartfelt thanks to H. E. Denis Knobel and the entire team of the Embassy!

kafeneOur friends and partners from Scania ordered sweet and salty, home-made, crunchy pastries from the kitchen of our sheltered café, which will be served at a corporate event at the end of July 2015.

We thank Scania for the valuable opportunity!

GBO 6552Maria's World Foundation has been invited to handle the catering during the celebration organised on the occasion of Switzerland's national holiday, which will be kindly hosted by the Swiss Ambassador, Mr. Denis Knobel.
The clients from the Day Care Centre will offer guests home-made sweet and salty pastries prepared in the kitchen of the sheltered café, demonstrating the skills they have mastered at the Day Care Centre.
We will be given an opportunity to present materials relating to our work and a collection or the art objects we make at the Day Care Centre.

We wholeheartedly thank the Embassy of the Swiss Confederation for the opportunity!

mwf logoWatch The Invisible amongst Us —work for people with intellectual difficulties—a video material broadcast by This Weekend programme of bTV:

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