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11223492 644302445684973 3901110500720484373 nToday, our artistic endeavours in the open included our beloved and familiar topic of painting a portrait. When painting human faces, our clients enthusiastically study and come to better understand how different people really are.

The participants in the plein air were joined by their friends from the Annunciation Day Care Centre.

mwf logoThe WORLDS of people with intellectual difficulties — the WORLDS Day Care Centre celebrates its second anniversary: http://eurocom.bg/news/article/svetove-te-na-horata-s-intelektualni-uvrejdaniia 

mwf logoSee the coverage in the 'And Another Thing' programme on TV7 with the presenter Lara Zlatareva: http://news7.bg/predavania/oshte-neshto/vsichki-videa/pleneri-po-risuvane-v-yuzhniya-park/155436#.VZ-3c_nIvko

20150708 195334Some of the clients of the Worlds Day Care Centre attended a performance of Mozart's opera the Magic Flute in the park of the G. S. Rakovsky Military Academy.

This Friday we painted in dry and oil crayons, inspired by the theme 'Composition with a Cafeteria'. We have tried to reproduce the colourful cafeterias at the entrance of the park where young mothers with their toddlers and teenagers were enjoying the beautiful summer day.

SKuiMYEJb-g5Co64rrmkklmlwpaO78CLzKTvtkKqvLQOn 3 July 2015 the clients of the Worlds Day Care Centre attended the A to JazZ Festival in Sofia's South Park, where they enjoyed fantastic jazz performances and danced and had fun to their heart's content.

IMG 5617 resThe clients of the Worlds Day Care Centre organised a surprise party for the talented Iliana who is a member of Bulgaria's Special Olympics team and will participate in the World Summer Games for people with disabilities in Los Angeles.
Iliana has been taking horse riding lessons for more than 5 years. This is her first appearance in a major world sports event.

10409122 627101054071779 4129320046000338639 n 1A second group of clients of the Worlds Day Care Centre visited the Square 500 Gallery. This time, they were joined by young people with intellectual difficulties from the Annunciation Centre of Caritas Bulgaria.

Our artist, Gergana Tabakova, has opened an interesting discussion about the works of art, explaining the materials and expressive means used.

The participants shared their impressions with great enthusiasm and requested another visit to the gallery. We encouraged them to organise similar events independently at their leisure.

kafeneDo come and visit us at the unique café—indeed the only one of its kind in Sofia—where clients are served food and drinks by young people with intellectual difficulties. Enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee and home-made cookies and pastries in a quiet and pleasant environment. Our main principle is hospitality, which enables people with intellectual difficulties to communicate with others, practise and develop their work and communication skills and feel useful.

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mwf logoOur task in the park is to paint a dream. It was these dreams that Miryana Malamin-Siriyski, Programme Director at Maria's World Foundation, and Yordanka Fandakova, Mayor of Sofia, spoke about in an interview for the Bulgarian National Television (BNT).

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