mwf logoOur task in the park is to paint a dream. It was these dreams that Miryana Malamin-Siriyski, Programme Director at Maria's World Foundation, and Yordanka Fandakova, Mayor of Sofia, spoke about in an interview for the Bulgarian National Television (BNT).

The Let's Paint a Dream initiative, which takes place as part of the We Are Part of the Community project implemented by Maria's World Foundation and is financed by the Metropolitan Municipality under the Europe 2015 Programme, was also broadcast by Evrokom TV.

11217805 623987374383147 5023591525006862765 nThe summer shower on 19th June meant that the art activities under project 'We are Part of the Community', financed by the Metropolitan Municipality under the Europe 2015 Programme, had to take place on the premises of the Annunciation Day Care Centre of the Caritas Foundation.

The team and clients of Annunciation warmly welcomed us into their colourful ateliers.

Some of the party drew paintings with the professional artist Gergana Tabakova whilst the other participants in the plein air made and coloured clay figurines in the ceramics atelier. Our clients were strongly impressed by the potter's wheel, seeing how movement and thought combined gave birth to a different object every time. Victor's comment was that one only needed to dream about something and it became a reality in one's hands.

IMG 5442resThe clients of the Day Care Centre visited the Square 500 Gallery, where they received a warm welcome from the curators Vesela Radoeva and Lyudmila Klasanova. Under the supervision of the professional artist Gergana Tabakova they enthusiastically discovered paintings and sculptures of renowned Bulgarian and international artists, including Tsanko Lavrenov, Genko Genkov, Jules Pasquin, Gustave Courbet, and August Rodin. The young people with intellectual difficulties were particularly impressed by the gallery of paintings of Vladimir Dimitrov — The Master.

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IMG 5318resA hotel is a place where a client goes to spend money and enjoy the experience, and certainly not because a client has to.
'Folks working at hotels are the best', says Villy, who has already spent a month working in the kitchen of the Novotel Hotel. From the kitchen team she has fast learned about teamwork that is efficient, conforms to set standards and is done in good spirit.

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IMG 5358 Nadya resNadya is genuinely proud of her colleagues, the office and the tasks she is assigned to do—cleaning and arranging desks and cupboards, maintaining the coffee corner in an immaculate state, stock up and clean utility areas and restrooms.
She is particularly happy when making coffee for her colleagues at the office first thing in the morning and she already knows who likes which glass and how they prefer their hot morning drink.

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11200884 805819192871248 656423297661597146 nBetween 9 and 11 June 2014 the clients of our Day Care Centre took part in tennis practice for coaches and athletes for the Special Olympics. The event took place at the National Tennis Centre and was attended by Dan James, a tennis coach for wheelchair users with the US Tennis Federation since 1998, and the tennis player and coach Karin Korb.
The event was part of the Sports Envoy programme of the US Embassy to Bulgaria.
We wholeheartedly thank Special Olympics for the opportunity.

11391396 620763198038898 4887212962947077476 nToday, along with our friends from Caritas, we painted the lake with the ducks in Sofia's South Park. We focused on trying to create a composition, including a park animal. The art event kicked off with a discussion about the animals we typically encounter in the park. The topic proved greatly inspirational for our young artists who, while painting in the park, realized that it is not just a place for recreation for all of us but the home of many animals.

IMG 20150605 184124On 5 June, the clients of the Worlds Day Care Centre attended a concert of the Radio Children vocal ensemble at Studio 1 of the Bulgarian National Radio.

11391747 617831198332098 1266010748143695009 nThe strong shower did not deter our small enthusiastic group from painting in the open in Sofia's South Park today. Today's art event was dedicated to portrait painting. Our professional artist, Gergana Tabakova, revealed intriguing intricacies of portrait painting and all joined in exploring portraits of the great French artist Henry Matisse.

IMG 5240It was a wonderful day when Nadya turned 30 surrounded by her friends and the team of the Day Care Centre, receiving heartfelt wishes for love, good health, luck, her own house, many friends and merry trips. However, most wished her success in her new job- her greatest pride and joy at the moment. She is the second client of the Day Care Centre who has been hired full time by Event Design, which has opened up a world of opportunities and brought new responsibilities that will increase her life satisfaction, self-esteem and pride with a job well done, contacts with new people and novel experiences.

11124848 616011115180773 8893701875240769087 nUsing oil and dry crayons at one of the children's playgrounds in the park, today we painted compositions with a figure. The group from the Worlds Day Care Centre (Iva, Victor, Simeon, Bianca, Monika, Martin, Gergana and Todor) was joined by Hasan and Adlan from the Annunciation Day Care Centre.

The plein air drew in visitors of the park and a group of high school graduates who were happy to learn more about what we do.

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