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IMG 4774The screening of Worlds at the Day Care Centre brought together our clients’ families and team on the sunny afternoon of 29 January. Stoyan Radev’s documentary, dedicated to people with intellectual difficulties in Switzerland and Bulgaria, was an enormously thrilling event. How to engage with the cause and support people in finding their most appropriate place and role in public life; how to change public attitudes by applying the good practices at the heart of the Swiss model at our Day Care Centre, how long the stretch of road travelled to date is; and what can we dream about—these were some of the questions raised and discussed after the screening. The conversation was warm-hearted and despite the short time available for the discussion, we continued it over a glass of wine and tasty home-made bites.

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Филмът "Светове"The film, directed by Stoyan Radev, is dedicated to the support available for and integration of people with intellectual difficulties at the Public Integration Establishments in Geneva, Switzerland, building parallels to the practices at Maria's World Foundation in Sofia, Bulgaria
The event was attended by Constantine Penchev, Ombudsman of the Republic of Bulgaria, H. E. Xavier Lapeyre de Cabanes, Ambassador of France to Bulgaria, Yordanka Fandakova—Mayor of Sofia, representatives of government institutions, non-governmental organisations, partners and friends.

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Watch the story of Tsetska Radeva, Director of Maria's World Foundation, in the Little Stories programme of BNT: http://bnt.bg/predavanyia/malki-istorii/istoriyata-na-tsetska-v-malki-istorii-22-12-2014 

Коледни базариOur clients looked forward to the run up to Christmas—the time of seasonal bazaars organised by our partners from Coca Cola, Telenor and the Air Traffic Control Administration between 10 and 19 December. During Christmas bazaar week Victor, Iliana, Simeon and Iva took great pleasure in selling unique Christmas-themed glycerine soaps, hand-painted Christmas tree decoration bulbs, festive magnets and ladybird-shaped stone talismans. All items sold at the bazaars were made at the Day Care Centre, with preparations starting as early as the summer. During six days the different sales teams offered our creations for sale in couples and shared stories about their work at the Centre with clients, explaining which articles took the longest to make, how pleasantly freshly made soap smells, how difficult it is to make the ladybirds and what decoupage means. They briskly handed over small gift packages, did the sums (slowly!) and gave back change (slowly again!). Naturally, they also invited clients to stop at the stall and buy small presents. The opportunity to exchange banter over the coming holiday brought great joy and satisfaction to all participants and filled them with a sense of happiness and gratitude that so many people support their efforts and become friends.

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002On 13 November 2014, along with Telenor Bulgaria, we received an award in the Most Successful Corporate Partnership category at the 11th annual ceremony organised by the Bulgarian Donors Forum. The award recognizes our work and efforts to establish the Worlds Day Care Centre for people with intellectual difficulties.

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DSC01706Today, 12 September 2014 a press conference took place in one of the meeting rooms of the Day Care Centre to present the Team of Hope prior to its participation in the Homeless World Cup in Chile.

The event took place at the Day Care Centre owing to our friends from GLOBUL who put us in touch with the team and gave us invaluable support at the time of establishing the Day Care Centre. They are also the principal sponsor of the Team of Hope. With their kind assistance, we have established an excellent partnership aiming to promote two truly significant causes – ours and that of the Team of Hope.

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DSC01574Victor is a fantastic young man and one of the first clients of our Day Care Centre. Today, 28 August 2014 surrounded by his many friends, he received heartfelt wishes on the occasion of his birthday, which we celebrated together. Thank you, Viki, for your big heart that you so magnanimously share with us every day!

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DSC01557Today, 12 August, a ceremony to wish success to the Special Olympics team prior to the 2014 European Summer Games took place at the Sofia Mayoral House. Our ever-smiling Villi is one of the three participants with intellectual difficulties from Bulgaria who will represent Sofia in the games and will compete in the jogging discipline.

The games will take place from 9 until 20 September in Antwerp, Belgium. We wholeheartedly thank Special Olympics Bulgaria for the invitation and wish Villi success in the games!

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DSC01661No doubt about it, 29 January 2014 was an exciting day at the Day Care Centre. In the morning we welcomed six pupils in their final grade from 31 Ivan Vazov School who quickly became our friends. Together, we made scented soaps, talked about the fast approaching St Valentine’s Day and had tea.

It continued to snow heavily in the afternoon and the Day Care Centre smelled enticingly of the freshly-baked cookies and cakes we made under the expert guidance of Evgeny Mitev from the Bakeries Network. Whilst partaking of the delightful deserts, we discussed who had done the best and why it is important to be able to cook our own food. The afternoon culinary session was a part of the bespoke programme of the Day Care Centre whose aim is to help people with intellectual difficulties acquire food preparation skills.

Tsetska - Zena na godinata2013Tsetska Radeva is the winner of the 2013 Woman of the Year Award in the Society category in this year’s edition of the annual ceremony organised by the GRAZIA Bulgaria Magazine.

This is the eight edition of the awards presented to ladies with a highly meaningful contribution to Bulgarian society during the past year.

Tsetska Radeva thanked her family, describing it as a never-ending source of inspiration and unreserved support in her work as Director of Maria’s World Foundation, and shared the award with all women who are a part of the team of the foundation, including the young women with intellectual difficulties who visit the Worlds Day Care Centre as clients. She said that the award was not solely an expression of personal recognition but also of support for the charitable cause of the Foundation.

The Day Care Work Centre for people with intellectual difficulties – a project of Maria's World Foundation – opened doors on 16 July 2013.

The guests of the event were welcomed by Mrs. Tsetska Radeva, Executive Director of Maria's World Foundation, Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Sofia, and Mr. Yavor Guev, Corporate Policy Director of Globul.

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