The Day Care Work Centre for people with intellectual difficulties – a project of Maria's World Foundation – opened doors on 16 July 2013.

The guests of the event were welcomed by Mrs. Tsetska Radeva, Executive Director of Maria's World Foundation, Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Sofia, and Mr. Yavor Guev, Corporate Policy Director of Globul.

The Day Care Centre has been established with donations from the founders of Maria's World Foundation – Tsetska Radeva and Grozdan Karadzhov – the telecom company GLOBUL and dozens of corporate and private donors.

At the Day Care Centre young people with intellectual difficulties will be trained in everyday life and work skills with a view to improving the quality of their life, their standard of living and personal independence.

Within the next few months the only Sheltered Café in Sofia will open doors too as a part of the Day Care Centre. It will provide young people with intellectual difficulties a possibility to apply the skills they have acquired, such as food and drink preparation, serving and clearing tables, handling money, budget planning etc., in a real-life setting.


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