Services for people with intellectual difficulties

Maria’s World Foundation welcomes applications from people with intellectual difficulties and their families for their inclusion in the works skills programmes available from the Worlds Day Care Centre.

If you have—or know someone who has—intellectual difficulties, you can contact us by telephone on (02) 423 9740 or (0882) 663 665 or by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will arrange a meeting and provide you with detailed information about the work of the Day Care Centre.

The Centre is situated in proprietary premises in 8 Riccardo Vaccarini Street, Gotse Delchev, Sofia and provides services to individuals aged 18 plus years with mild to moderate intellectual difficulties.

Since 1 June 2015 the Day Centre is recipient of State funding for the provision of services delegated by the State. Its work is also financed through projects and by corporate and individual donors. Its activities are organised in several areas of work, depending on the individual interests and needs of clients. The Day Care Centre offers work skills training aimed at facilitating the development of the full potential of people with intellectual difficulties—a social service that is truly unique in Bulgaria.

We look forward to meeting you!

Services for businesses/INFORMATION FOR EMPLOYERS

Maria’s World Foundation is seeking active partnership with Bulgarian and international business organisations. If corporate social responsibility and being engaged with a worthy cause matter to your business, please contact us and help us improve the life of an individual with intellectual difficulties!

We believe that each business has what it takes to bring about social change and can contribute to the positive development of society. By investing time and energy into socially significant projects, you develop your company, generating sustainable benefits for your staff.

Join us now, take up our cause and support us in the manner that is most convenient for you:

    • Create a job for a person with intellectual difficulties

People with intellectual difficulties need support and stimulation in order to be able to reveal and develop their full potential. As all others, they feel satisfaction with meaningful tasks and work that allow them to express themselves in a self-affirmative way, and gain a feeling of engagement, personal dignity and confidence. For people with intellectual difficulties, finding and holding a job has numerous advantages, including through transforming them from passive users of minimum social benefits into a valuable resource for the community.

By offering a suitable job to a person with intellectual difficulties who has been trained at the Day Care Centre, you change his/her life perspective and create opportunities for an independent life. A suitable job is the best safeguard against poverty.

Please contact us to discuss any available opportunity.

Hiring young people with a permanent disability will ensure you benefit from the following forms of support:

Tax benefits for employers of people with permanent disabilities:

Other services

We are committed to improving the life of people with intellectual difficulties. You can subscribe to this noble cause, too.

To support us, purchase a unique item crafted at the Worlds Day Care Centre, order catering from the Sheltered Café or choose our premises to be the venue of your next corporate event. More



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